Grapeseed Extract


Grapeseed Extract

Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract is the most antioxidants 20 times higher than vitamin C.

    Grapes are round fruits that every home has on the table. Under the delicious sweet pulp, how many people will know that the grape seeds which everyone has thrown away have a rich benefit. They can help to enhance beauty. Until 1970, grape seeds were extracted by a French biochemist. Then finally found an important substance that was extremely beneficial to our body called "Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins or OPCs".

    OPCs have important properties as a highly efficient antioxidant and freely soluble in water. Therefore, they have very effective in protecting cells from free radicals. Moreover, they are also 20 times more powerful antioxidants than vitamin C and 50 times more than vitamin E.

The benefits of OPCs from Grape Seed Extract

    1. They are a good antioxidant that is against plenty of free radicals. They are absorbed into the bloodstream within 20-30 minutes, then spread to other parts of the body and remain in the body up to 72 hours.

      2. Nourish the skin, retard the skin to premature, and reduce dryness of the skin by strengthening collagen to the cells under the skin.

      3. They help to reduce wrinkles and freckles. And also prevent free radicals destroyed collagen and elastin including protection pigment production that causes skin deterioration and premature aging.

      4. They can inhibit enzymes which destroy collagen under the skin. As a result, the capillaries are strengthened, thus making it possible to bring nutrients to the skin cells well.

     Grape seed extract is a natural extract that can help keep the skin flexible, good-looking, radiant, healthy, improves blood circulation, and also inhibit the destruction of collagen. In addition, It also reduces the uneven skin tone problem as well.


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