One box of turmeric extract mixed with rice bran oil product contains;

Turmeric extract52.63mg. (curcumin> 95.0%)
Rice bran oil100 mg.
Gamma oryzanol (100%) 50mg.

     It can be seen that turmeric extract 52.63 mg provides an essential substance, curcumin, which is unadulterated and diluted up to 95%. Plus, rice bran oil and gamma-oryzanol are added to enhance the efficiency of curcumin.

The Miracle of Curcumin

     Turmeric, Curcuma longa L., contains essential oils and curcuminoids, yellow-orange substance. According to pharmacopoeia requirement specify that turmeric must contain curcuminoids not less than 5%w/w and essential oils not less than 6%v/w. When we look with the naked eye, turmeric should be dark. The more intense orange is almost red, the more active substance it contains.

     Essential oils and curcuminoids consist of Curcumin, one of the active ingredients of turmeric. It is a powerful antioxidant. And essential oils contain Sesquiterpenes which are important substances consisting of ar-turmerone, alpha-turmerone, and beta-turmerone. They are small molecules that can be passed into the bloodstream and brain, and also help deliver oxygen to the brain.

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     Turmeric has many properties, including antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, against cancer cells, antioxidant, preventing heart disease, protecting the liver from toxins, preventing kidney disease, radiation protection, or helping the damage caused by radiation exposure. And also has the pharmacological effects of turmeric in many studies to alleviate the symptoms of the digestive system, such as the carminative effect and relieves flatulence.

     In a study of patients with dyspepsia, 500 mg of turmeric (9.6% curcuminoids and 8% essential oils) was consumed four times a day for 7 consecutive days. It found that can relieve symptoms of indigestion, reduced nausea and abdominal discomfort, stimulated bile secretion, and relieving flatulence. In addition, turmeric had anti-ulcer effects in the stomach through stimulating mucus or mucin secretion mechanism to coat the stomach. When gastric and intestinal ulcers patients given 600 mg and 1,000 mg daily of turmeric for 12 weeks. Because turmeric can inhibit gastric acid and gastric juice secretion and anti-inflammatory.

     In patients with irritable bowel syndrome who took 1-2 tablets of turmeric extract per time for 8 weeks, it was found to heal stomach ulcers and reduce intestinal peristalsis. Because curcumin has the effect of loosening smooth muscles. It reduces the peristalsis of the intestine. This causes abdominal pain and abdominal discomfort of the patient to decrease.


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