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Four main mechanisms by which zinc reduces acne.
     Zinc is a mineral that we all know well. It is very important for the functional enzyme and controls various processes of the body to be performed as efficiently as possible. Although our bodies need only a small amount of zinc but there is no denying that zinc is very beneficial for the body, so it is not surprising that zinc is an essential mineral that the body is indispensable as well. 

Key features of zinc
1. It helps to strengthen hair and nails.
2. It accelerate the wound to heal faster.
3. It promotes prostate health.
4. It is essential for growth and development.
5. It reduces the duration and severity of cold symptoms.
6. It helps maintain the immune system.
7. It helps reduce the cause of acne.
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     Zinc is responsible for the production of more than 200 hormones in the body and leads to keeping these hormones in an equilibrium state, one of them is Testosterone. It is the main cause of acne; which zinc will help to balance the production of this hormone as well as normalize oil production in the subcutaneous oil glands. In addition, the research has shown that zinc’s antioxidant properties are effective against acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, zinc is an important part of building protein and collagen. It is necessary for the division of skin cells, hair, nails and helps to heal wounds faster. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, so skin problems that cause inflammation such as acne problems and acne scars are better healed by having enough zinc in the body. Therefore, the 4 main mechanisms by which zinc helps reduce acne breakouts as follows;
1. Helps resist inflammation
2. Helps reduce and inhibit acne infection.
3. Helps reduce the oiliness of the sebaceous glands.
4. Improves the efficacy of acne medication.
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