One box of Krathing Cap Gold product contains;

Ginseng Extract400mg. (Korea Ginseng)
Cordyceps Sinensis Extract290mg.
D-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate  7.66mg.
Provides Vitamin E700IU/g.

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    Ginseng extract can relieve stress. It helps to adjust the physical and mental condition to endure various conditions. It also reduces fatigue by stimulating cells in the body to generate more energy. Moreover, it helps the body feel refreshed and stimulates the immune system.

    "Ginseng" helps to rehabilitate and enhance sexual performance. In a study of 45 patients with erectile dysfunction, taking 900 mg of Ginseng 3 times a day for 2 months was found to be statistically significant to improve sexual function.

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    Cordyceps extract has good properties for people with arrhythmia. It adjusts the work of the heart that makes a normalize the rhythm and also helps abnormalities of the heart system. Cordyceps extract contains an essential substance called "Cordycepin" that helps to strengthen the function of the liver and kidneys and also helps to resist and inhibit abnormal cells in the body. Which may develop into cancer cells.

    "Cordyceps" can increase sexual performance. In a study of 22 men with a history of using cordyceps as a supplement found that it can improve the amount of sperm by 33% and decreased abnormalities of sperm up to 29%. Furthermore, it also increased a sex drive by 66% statistically significant.

    Therefore, natural products containing "Ginseng" and "Cordyceps", when ingested into the body, the substances contained in ginseng will stimulate the body to generate red blood cells, adjust the heart rate back to a normal state, and make the blood pumping more stable. Important substances for the rehabilitation of sexual function in ginseng and cordyceps will promote each other. As a result, efficiency in rehabilitation is doubled. In order to allow the body to absorb the most important substances from ginseng and cordyceps. We recommend for trying products that contain vitamin E as one of the ingredients. Because vitamin E can prevent hemolysis, helps to absorb free radicals which are the main causes of cell or tissue damage. In addition, vitamin E protects the vital substances obtained from ginseng and cordyceps, not to be destroyed by acid or chemicals in the stomach. This makes eating both types of herbs get more beneficial for the body.

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