“Biloba” Ginkgo Leaf Extract 
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One box of biloba product contains;

Ginkgo leaf extract60 mg
BILOBA (Ginkgo biloba leaf extract )The King increases brain power

Four reasons to take ginkgo extract
     1. Enhance memory: Studies show that 18 elderly patients with senile dementia who took 320 mg of ginkgo leaf extract were able to improve memory. Additionally, studies have been conducted to support ginkgo leaves help to reduce anxiety symptoms, focus more, think and calculate faster, and also prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease as well.

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     2. Increase pumping and stimulate blood flow: Causing more blood to supply to various organs in the body.

     3. Inhibit the degeneration of the brain’s cell: Essential substance from ginkgo leaves increases the hypoxia resistance of brain tissue, reduces injuries causing brain swollen, and protects the nerves.

     4. Protect eyesight: Ginkgo leaf extract can protect the retina from patients with diabetes mellitus. And also help to prevent macular degeneration for the elderly as well.
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Four techniques for taking ginkgo extract showed good results

    1. Increase brain power by taking 80-120 mg of ginkgo leaf extract at breakfast every day.
    2. Stress relieving and anxiety reduction should be taken 80-160 mg of ginkgo leaf extract daily for 4 weeks.
    3. Patients with dementia should take 120-240 mg ginkgo leaf extract daily, morning and lunch continuously for 1 year.
    4. Protect your eyes should be taken 120 mg of ginkgo leaf extract daily, morning and lunch continuously for 6 months.
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รับชมได้ที่ : THP Herbal channal  


รับชมได้ที่ : THP Herbal channal

 THP Biloba, 100% natural concentrated ginkgo leaf extract
 : THP Herbal
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